How Not To Look Old


Since I'm a sucker for trying to look
young, fresh, and vibranthalfway decent, I recently purchased How Not To Look Old by Charla Krupp, who used to be beauty editor at Glamour magazine and is well known for personally testing thousands of beauty products over the years.

Her look-younger tips include:
* wear bangs
* lighten your hair
* groom your brows
* ditch the granny glasses (bye-bye "glasses on a chain around your neck"!)
* lighten up on the eye liner
* get a foundation that matches your skin color and skin type
* moisturize, peel and do other necessary things to minimize wrinkles and smooth skin
* lighten up on lipstick, and ditch the dark lip liner
* whiten your teeth
* say "good-bye" to fake nails
* revamp your wardrobe by shortening skirts, getting a pair of good fitting jeans, embrace shapewear, ditching pantyhose and wearing heels.

For the most part, I agree with Charla...though I do think acrylic nails can look nice if they are kept short, well groomed and are shaped well.

I'm also on the fence about pantyhose. Charla is a fan of dark and textured tights, but says nude colored pantyhose are a big no-no. Personally, I think age can be hard on a woman's legs in many ways and a nice pair of sheer, appropriately colored nude hose (not too dark, not too light) can actually help, not hurt.

Finally, in the wardrobe section, she gives a big thumbs-down to flats and flip-flops. Though heels are appealing and flattering, sometimes they just aren't practical (or comfortable).

I loved the topic-related production recommendations at the end of each section and she even lists great service providers by city at the back of the book (facials, hair color, spas, etc.).

I've tried several of the product recommendations and I'll post about them next!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear if you've read this book. And also, some of your tips for staying young as the birthdays keep ticking by.


Momma Roar :

Oh shucks, wasn't even thinking about how not to look old (as I clutch onto the last remaining pieces of my youth)...but now this post hit me square between the eyes as my bday is Fri...grrrr!

Maybe I'll have to look for it at the library!

Unknown :

Sounds like she has lots of good tips. I especially agree about whitening your teeth - it makes such a difference. But, I'm afraid I could never give up my flip flops, LOL! I love to wear them.

Tina Leigh :

I think she is right in many ways too. Less makeup has always been better in my opinion. I think getting high lights in my hair does puts shine back in my hair (which other wise would be just about white all over, no joke). Taking care of yourself all around makes a difference. Sounds like a good book.
And the legs...oh what to do? My "very-close" to the skin veins....I hate them and it seems the only thing that makes them NOT SCREAM OLD is to have some tan on them....then you got fight the other complications of the sun! WHATEVER!!!!! LOL

Pink in a sea of blue :

I can't give up on flip-flops and flats. I chase kids around, but I always love wearing heels out. Does that work? Shortening skirts with no pantyhose is daring, but I can say I no longer wear pantyhose even in winter when I'm out on the town. It does make you feel younger. And I need to lighten up on eyeliner. My forever favorite wet/dry Clinique is discontinued. That should be my hint right there! Sounds like a good book.

Miss Jody :

Ummm...gonna have to check this lil' ol' book out. The flats and heels thing...ugh..not sure I agree. They look sexy and awesome on woman, however do they have a emergency section for when you fall on your face? Perhaps how to get rid of road rash on your face? cuz that would be me.
I fell flat on my face while walking on the Vegas strip. It was a pair of flip flops with a lil' rise....silly huh?
Can't wait to hear how you like it! :)

Wacie's Way :

I can't give up my flip flops!!! But I'm all about finding ways to look younger . . can't believe the next bday I'll hit 42 - ouch!!

Nadine :

Sounds like some good tips, but I agree on the hose thing. In some instances it helps to cover just the slightest imperfections. Tight jeans...I don't think body can't handle that. :)

Anonymous :

The girls in my new tennis team all had a bet to find out how old I really was- the oldest age given out was 31. I'm 40. I was truly flattered but I guess all my products are paying off.

I use the NeoCutis skin care line - I swear by it. Eye cream, lightening cream (to get rid of those sun 'stains') and the moisturizer at night- amazing.

Anonymous :

ps- i hardly ever wear make up- all i wear is mascara, sunscreen and lip gloss.

Michelle :

I will have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation.

Gracie Beth :

I completely agree with the teeth whitening. Another tip I read was to do peels on your hands because they show your age more than your face. I keep telling my mom that when she runs around in tracksuits it ages her!

Caffeine Court :

I have to say, I do most of these things EXCEPT the no flats or flip flops. I live in flats and flip flops. The heels only come out a couple of times a year. I wish I could walk in them, but I look like a little girl playing dress up if they're over an inch high!!

Tonja :

Well, from someone who really IS old...I wear only flat heels...and lots of flip-flops! I learned long ago to say NO to pantyhose! They are torture! I do like tights in winter...or boots.
I think that a cute, modern hairstyle is important. And, if you wear glasses, change the frames every year.
But, the most important thing to remember is...Laugh...Never take yourself too seriously...always look for the fun in any situation!

Kim :

I still wear pantyhose--my legs don't actually look that bad, other than being really white most of the time, but after seeing some older ladies at church going without hose....eeeewwwww. NO way does it make you look younger if your legs look, ahem, "mature".

Katy :

Hmmmmmm, she has some interesting tips there....good grief though.
I'm not so sure about ditching ANY flats or flip flops though, sad stuff. Thanks for letting us in on the "know" though, love hearing about it.
I read a tip the other day on "how NOT to look old"....NEVER leave a voice mail. Ok, interesting tip huh?

The Pink Chick :

I love this book, but I do agree with the points you made. I just can't give up my flats and flip flops. My favorite part of the book is the product recommendations. I found my new favorite face cream (from the Wexler Collection at Bath and Body Works) because of this book.

Justabeachkat :

I actually won this book on another blog. It's a good one. Lots of good stuff...and some common sense stuff too.


Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* :

At first i thought you wrote the book because at first glance you and the author could be sisters! I was surprised to find I hit many things on the list except I am a brunette and I have to choose between highlights or straightening and I'll always choose convenience. I shouldn't wear flats because I am short but my life style is so casual that anything with a heel seems out of place. Such an interesting book. Can't wait to read your reviews on the rest of the book.

Connie :

I'm always reading these kind of books and articles too and agree with the lightening the hair. I get many more comments on my hair when I have some blonde than when it's darker. Body shapers are a must as your body ages to keep the rolls smooth even the smallest roll can fade away. I don't agree with the nails and love my acrylic nails.

Good advise...thanks for sharing! Connie

Just Mom :

My own son is apparently what keeps me looking young. Being a 41-year-old with a six-year-old child confuses people in to thinking I'm much younger than I am (as in, I got carded a couple of times).

Just Mom :

I do look forward to reading about your product recommendations.

Angela Baylis :

I give a big thumbs-up on the pink and white nails! I like them because they can still be short (for my job-dental hygienist) for my job. I get SO many compliments on them! Do YOU wear flip flops? Oh, I heard once that women over 40 should never wear horizontal stripes. I agree. I read something in a magazine the other day that said we are supposed to ditch our watches as we get older. Young people tell the time by their cell phones. Hmmm... I think I am old because I feel naked without mine! Thanks for this fun post!
Angie xoxo

Angela Baylis :

p.s. I think we need to remember to SMILE, too! We want to be happy old ladies! :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Hmmm...I take issue with heels. I mean, I wear them when necessary. But they are just so impractical up here. 6 mos out of the year you would kill yourself on ice wearing heels. There are so many classy flats now that I think one can look lovely. Don't get me wrong, I know when to wear heels. But I just don't think they are required all the time.

melissa :

I have read this book and made notes! I think she is right on with most of her advise and I am happy to say, I was already 'there' with most!
I have even given up the acrylic nails (did so before I read the book). I never thought I would, but I am loving my natural nails (with a light essie color polish). :)

Annie :

My birthday is coming next month and it's a bad one. A really really bad one and I'm in total denial about it. Complete and total denial. The upside is that no one ever believes me when I speak my real age ... and still get mistaken for 18 year old daughter's older sister. I'm okay with that.
I like the suggestions but agree with you re the nails and shoes. Flip flops are my bff. I do like heels to emphasize my 6'1' stature, but for comfort and quick shopping trips you have to wear flats!

The Mrs. :

I want to know what you did!!!

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