She's Got {Battered, Bruised and Not-So-Pretty} Legs


Just when I finally got rid of all my scrapes and bruises from two solid weeks of remodeling and moving crap things around at my office ...

and all the nicks and wounds from this stupid razor have healed (I can't seem to quit buying these. So convenient, yet so deadly.) ...

Along come 4,307 mosquito bites to ruin my run at the best legs contest (not that I ever had a chance but let's pretend)

The only leg contest I could possibly win at this point would be going up against the wild and rambunctious 3 year old.

And even then I'm afraid I might lose.
By a very large margin.


Gracie Beth :

For some reason all of the mosquitoes are always drawn to my little sister and not me it is so weird! I got the new shick quattro with the trimmer attached and I have not cut myself yet, I gave in and bought it after I cut a hunk out of my leg with my old razor and almost had to get stitches.

Momma Roar :

I haven't even been moving furniture yet I have bruises all over - lol!!

Gotta love those skeeters - bah!

suburban prep :

I tried that Schick Intuition and didn't like it.

Tonja :

Well, I love the Intuition! I've never gotten a cut with it, and I get a very close shave, too.

Now, the mosquitos...they love me and my blood! Bites all over!

Nadine :

Ouch...bruises from moving furniture. Mosquitoes are annoying and there have been times when it looks like a rash.

I use the quattro and it doesn't cut up my legs.

Kat :

I love Intuition. Slow down girlfriend and it gives a good shave.


Pearls To Hide My Neck :

Thank goodness for those maxi dresses!

Linda :

hahaha. I get eat up in the summer. Those darn mosquitoes!
Happy 4th!

Sandy :

Hi Jill,
Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!


Nothing makes me feel more unattrative then some read bites on my very white legs!

Just Mom :

...and this is why I keep wearing cropped pants instead of shorts during the summer.

MissJody :

You.are so stickin' cute and adorable! :) I love your posts. So simple and yet WONDERFUL! :)

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