First Day of School - 2009


For prosperity, here are our First Day of School 2009 photos. Really, it's just another day at daycare, but since all "da big kids" are starting school today, so is Adam!

Here he is with yours truly. I had not had nearly enough caffeine at this early hour so you may not want to double-click on the photo or anything like that.

And here is with his much-more-awake dad. We added the helmet for good measure. And yes, he did wear it in the car all the way to school.

If you're starting school around your house this week too, I hope you have a wonderful school year.

If you're not starting school at this ungodly early date, enjoy your last week(s) of summer!


Mrs. Fabulous :

So unbelievably darling. It's reminding me that my little T will be that age so fast.

We're not even to our 2nd birthday yet so no school for us. It is kind of fun to watch the school buses going down the street again!

Gracie Beth :

I am very much enjoying the peace and quite now that my siblings went back to school

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Adorable!! Hope everyone has a great first day at your home!


How cute! We start school on Wednesday. When I was a kid we started after Labor Day. I sound totally old talking about the years gone by.

Tina Leigh :

Good looking folks in these or not!

Pink in a sea of blue :

Cute photos. Hope he enjoys his "first" day. We started back July 7th! Can't believe it's already been a month!

Becky K. :

It is early!

You made the most of it. Everyone is just adorable in these pictures.

We are starting in a couple of weeks.

Becky K.

Unknown :

He is just so adorable!

Our kids start school tomorrow (Tuesday) so it's pretty chaotic around here tonight, as we rush around and do all the last minute things to get ready.

Tonja :

The older he gets, the cuter he gets!

Momma Roar :

That smile under the helmet is priceless!! Wonderful pictures!!

Happy first day of school to you all - we, personally, started last week, but the schools around here don't start for another 2 weeks.

Just Mom :

School?!??! Already?!?!?! Well, have a wonderful school year.

"Cookie" :

Darling little boy!!

My little one starts "school" in a couple of weeks. He's just turning 2 so of course it's preschool but still. I'm a little anxious to say the least. :)

Happy Working Mom :

Holy cow! I can't believe how early your kids start school down there! And I thought 8/26 was early!

He is absolutely adorable!

Unknown :

Cute pics! Hard to believe the kids are back in school already - wish GA would figure out that they'd spend less $ if they started later in the year - all that $ spent on air conditioning in August!Anyway, hope you are well.

Miss Jody :

Your beautiful! :)

He wore that all the way to school!? hahahahha!
Adam is a smoochie face! I wanna pinch and smooch his lil face!
He's so cute!

Anonymous :

ooh J starts next tuesday i can't wait

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