The Midnight Groomer


So I may or may not have taken that little clipper-groomer thingy that is about the size of a pencil and...

...tip-toed into my precious toddler boy's room after he'd fallen asleep

...and gave a couple quick swipes between his eyebrows to clean up the little blonde hairs that are beginning to show signs of forming a unibrow.

He's three.

And very, very adorable.

But the child has the eyebrows of a 25 year old.

I will go to great lengths for good grooming.

I am like the back alley version of a stage mom.


JulesTX :

His future girl friends thank you for "Midnight Grooming".

Stephanie :

That's hilariously awesome.

The Pink Chick :

You are too funny! I have been tempted to do the same on one of my nephews!

MaryBeth :

I will now use that trick on my husband!! MB

Puttin' On The GRITS :

hahahahahaha! That is too funny!

Mom of One and Another on the Way :

Funny, we do midnight grooming to finger nails on our almost three year old. It must be done. :)

Susan :

I could probably use some "midnight grooming". Can you come help?

Justabeachkat :

Too funny! You gotta do what you gotta do, right?!


Susan D. :

That is great. I have a feeling that if my girls brows come in dark like mine, I'll be doing the same thing!

Leah :

I am SO laughing right now! Hats off to you! =)

Anonymous :

no before/after pics? how did you do it so that he didn't feel a thing?

Nadine :

You make me laugh. Love it.

Caffeine Court :

At least you didn't wax them. THAT would be weird.

Try the "Smooth Away" they have a little tiny one. You can pretend you're rubbing his little head and then smooth away the unibrow!

"Cookie" :

OH MY GOSH!! I about feel out of my office chair laughing!!

Tonja :

Just a warning, Mom. There are several things a Mom to boys has to do. It has the possibilities of getting harder along the way. But, I think it is a good thing you did. Even at his age...other kids notice these things!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment :

I would have done it too! I see husbands with sort-of-uni-brows and wonder why the wives don't just give it a few plucks!

Lauren :

Jillian--i'm in love with your BLOG!!

Who designed it?

and you are just precious, by the way.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

It is amazing to me how heavy they sleep at night. When she was three months old she slept through our crazy earthquake. Very different when Dear Bebe is napping. I tip toe by and the floor's over!

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