"O" is for "Out of the Mouth of My Three Year Old Boy"


Now that my sweet little 3yo has been promoted to the Preschool II class (one step away from "da big kids class", the ultimate in the preschool hierarchy) they have been intensely studying the alphabet, recognizing letters by sight and sound and learning words that start with each letter.

"B" seems to be one of Adam's favorite letters, so tonight after his bath I decided to quiz him on some words that start with B.

I thought he'd turn his sweet little face up towards me and say, "B is for boy" , or "B is for ball", or maybe he'd even be able to remember "B is for backpack".

Instead, he said:

B is for beef. Which is gross when you take it out of da package and make it into dose things dad puts on the gree-uhl. Then when dey are all done dey are burgers. And dat starts wiff B too. And we put dem on buns and dat starts wiff B too. And I don't wanna talk about B anymore.

Then he told me my face is gross.

Then he asked me to body slam him.


The tender moments of motherhood.


(And obviously I am not referring to my face).


Loving Life :

LOL!! Boys will be boys! My 2 year old girl says some funny things too!!

Lipstick :

I love it!! So cute!

adrienne :

aren't boys fun??? it's nice that you share these boy stories so you know that they are all the same. i had no brothers growing up, so this behavior came as quite a shock to me!!! love your blog!

melissa :

LOL .. too cute! Gotta love our boys! ;)

Miss Jody :

I love your stories about your lil' Boy!!
He's so cute and I can picture everything :)

Gracie Beth :

My 8 year old sister called me Friday so excited because it was Eharmony free communication weekend and she though I should "get on that" because at this rate I will be married after her...charming really.

Unknown :

Sounds very familiar. The things they think of. My little guy told me just last night," mommie, I don't like you. Where's daddy." But I do love having a boy!

Just Mom :

Aren't boys just precious? LOL! I could see that happening here too.

Melissa :

I certainly needed that laugh today!

Mrs. Fabulous :

OH Jill, I LOVE when you post about conversations between you and your son. It makes me SOOO excited for when my little guy can really start talking.
Right now, his fav letter definitely is B- and everything is a Baa-Baa! I mean EVERYTHING!! :>)


I loved the story! Don;t they always seem to throw you for a loop! I get this line all the time..."I don't wanna talk about it anymore."

WSU Laura :

That is funny and SO boy, which starts with the letter "b". Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Kim :

Oh, boys. Gotta love them.

RE the house--we're working on my den first, so we'll see what she comes up with when I get back from Hawaii. However, send me all your details in a facebook message so I can pass it on to her. Who knows, she may already know about your gallery.

kelly :

ya never what will come out of the mouth of a preschooler. yesterday, at the school where I work, a preschooler II from last year said, "Mrs. Kelly, your hair looks differnt from last year....(long pause) and I not sure I wike it."


mer@lifeat7000feet :


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

I'm so impressed! Much more than I would have expected...but maybe I should wait until mine gets a little older and then we'll see!

Anonymous :

that is too funny...when my daughter gets mad at me she tells me my butt jiggles...like hers doesn't either!

Michelle :

Isn't he just the thinker??? How totally cool that he told you "I don't want to talk about B anymore"...he probably was wondering where you got all B obsessed! LOL Little men are the best.

Unknown :

So cute! Don't you love the stuff they come up with!

I have a bloggy award for you over at my place:)

Justabeachkat :

So cute! Like I've said before...you're so lucky to have blogging to easily document these cute stories. I sure wish there had been blogging when mine were little.


Nadine :

Too precious.

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