So... what are y'all doing this weekend?
Hope you have some fun on your list!



I have zero plans which I am actually o.k. with since last weekend was busy.

Ashley Pizarro :

I hope YOU are having a great weekend! :)

My plans...headed to Virginia to celebrate my great aunts 90th surprise birthday! woohoo! :)

Pink in a sea of blue :

Saturday- a LONG 8 hour drive. NOT SO FUN.
Sunday- Disney here we come! LOTS OF FUN.
Enjoy your weekend!

Aya :

today was a good day! i got into the sorority i wanted to be in and just got back from bid day! and later tn i'm going to an 80s themed party which i'm ecstatic about! tmr is my first football game in college which is exciting and on sunday is my religious holiday :) its gonna be a wonderful weekend! i hope u have one just the same!

Susan :

I bet he'll get (or got!!) a lot of candy.

Mom of One for Now :

Our sweet boy is turning three tomorrow. We are going to Chuck E. Cheese for a party. Have a great weekend!

Loving Life :

World's LARGEST chicken dance! Should be interesting!

Pearls To Hide My Neck :

He just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

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