Fall Outfit #2 - J.Crew Wool Pleated-Silk Chimera Jacket


Here is my outfit of the day, such as it is at 6pm after being worn for nearly 12 hours. I had on a great-looking long sparkly necklace when I left the house this morning, but caught it on the corner of my keyboard drawer when I got up from my desk and all the sparkly loveliness went scattering across the floor.

I set Adam up with a show (Dragon Tales) and a drink (sippy cup, half water, half apple juice, warmed up in the microwave 27 seconds so it's not too cold. He's not high maintenance or anything.)

Then I went upstairs to take pictures of my sad self before I threw on my comfy-cozy Gap wide leg lounge pants and some sort of t-shirt.

After snapping close to 4,683 photos, I gave up. Honestly, every single one seemed blurry, off center, and just not good.

But, it's the best I've got - so here goes.

I'm wearing the wool pleated-silk chimera jacket from JCrew. My favorite sales assoc. at the Lenox Mall J.Crew knows I love jackets. One day as I was breezing by J.Crew chanting... look straight ahead, do not go in, do not go in... she spotted me and came running toward me with this jacket in hand. Never one to be rude, I obliged her by trying it on ...and the rest is history.

I normally buy J.Crew jackets in the long size because I can use the length in the torso and the sleeves. This jacket doesn't come in Tall, and the sleeves were "bracelet length", which on me was just a bit longer than 3/4. But it looked a little odd so I had the sleeves lengthened and it turned out great.

The jacket is comfortable and very easy to wear. I simply adore the ruffles.

And I promise/cross-my-heart I cleaned that mirror yesterday. My 4th child "Not Me" must have messed it up while
washing his crime fighting handsplaying in the water and wasting my good soap.


J.Crew Duchess Stone Bracelet in color dusty blossom. LOVE this bracelet. Not too heavy and and it doesn't flip and spin around on my wrist. Much more pleasant to wear that I initially thought it would be. I have it in every color (which I know greatly surprises my husband.)

J.Crew Crystal Cluster Ring. *swoon*

Bibiena by BCBG MaxAzria

Hudson "Supermodel" Bootcut

Apparently wearing Supermodel jeans does not dismiss me from cleaning mirrors and nuking apple juice.


Henley on the Horn :

If ONLY I looked that fabulous at 6pm!! You are gorgeous, honey!!! Now get back to nuking the apple juice. You wouldn't want Adam to feel a little chill and all:)

Pink in a sea of blue :

So funny the saleslady at J. Crew came to you with the jacket! Love it! I'm into their ruffles, too. Those shoes are too cute. Love BCBG. What is it about high maintenance little boys?? Got a couple over here in NC!

A Southern Accent :

Love that jacket too - and the shoes are great! Wish I had a clothing budget like you - fabulous!!!!

Happy Working Mom :

Cute outfit!

My son is the same way!! I thought he was the only crazy one! His request..."can I please have some juice warmed up with warm water?" I do half cold juice from the fridge, and half hot water...just perfect for him! What a strange similarity!

Tonja :

Jill, you look wonderful! Love, love the jacket! And the accessories, too. Don't the little details make a BIG difference?
Adam just hasn't gotten the memo that you are a supermodel!

Gret post!

Gracie Beth :

I LOVE that jacket!

Cookie Crums :

LOVE LOVE the jacket. Right about now I'm wishing J.Crew was into maternity clothes!!


Love the outfit, I tried on a similiar jacket out the outlet but just couldn;t justify buying it..

Sonya :

I almost choked when I saw your shoes! Girl, those babies are to die for!! Woot!

The 5 Bickies :

You are beautiful! I love seeing how you put an outfit together and hearing the details of each piece. Thanks for posting!

Just Mom :

L-O-V-E that jacket!

EntertainingMom :

I NEED that jacket... yes really NEED it! It's beautiful!!!!

melissa :

You look darling Jill! I almost bought that jacket too, but since I have 2 black JCrew jackets from last year I passed it up - I barely even get to wear them with this dang hot weather here! I tend to 'over buy' fall/winter clothes and then barle get to wear them. :(
Love Hudson jeans, they fit me so well :)

Kristin :

Love the ring. Totally swoon worthy!

Caffeine Court :

Damn, you have the best taste!! That jacket is sooo gorgeous.

I need to buy some new furniture, but I would love to hit J.Crew tomorrow and snag one for myself.

You look amazing.

Jules :

You look fab and I adore the ring you have on from J.Crew. The jacket is so nice too.

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