Giving Thanks


At the beginning of the month, I signed up to take part in Leah's Giving Thanks Challenge. This was the third year she's hosted, and I've partcipated every year, usually keeping a running list on my sidebar during November.

This year I decided to jot down my "thankful" list and post it at the end of the month, one for each day. So, without further ado....


1 . MY FAMILY - a red hot smokin' husband who puts up with me and picks up all my half-drunk beverages, three great kids who keep my in blog fodder, my mom who is always there for me, and all my wonderful brothers, nieces, nephews, in-laws and extended family who literally live from one coast to the other.

2. MY IRL FRIENDS - who keep me real, go shopping with me, meet me for coffee, crack open bottles of wine with me, keep my facebook page interesting, and make my life wonderful.

3. MY BLOG FRIENDS - who keep me real, make me think, make me laugh, make me cry, give me good recipes to try, tell me about great shopping deals, make me wish I could take better photos, and let me run off on political tangents and
lovetolerate me any way.

4. MY DVR - that tapes all my favorite shows since I get my second wind about 9pm and am too busy doing laundry and vacuuming to sit down and watch in real time.

5. LONG-SLEEVED WAFFLE TEES - perfect by themselves or under just about anything

6. BURBERRY CUSTOMER SERVICE / LENOX MALL - who bent over backwards to replace a stolen gift card.

7. TOFU VEGETABLE SOUP - so far this fall this has been my dinner staple.

8. MY TREADMILL - It's a love/hate relationship really.

9. VANITY FAIR MAGAZINE - Great reading fodder cover-to-cover

10. DOWN PILLOWS - I've had the same down-filled pillow since childhood *** zzz***

11. A QUICK THINKING CEMENT TRUCK DRIVER - who spared me from being crushed and most certainly killed in a "traffic incident" in Atlanta traffic last week. Seriously, I thought I was a goner. Thankfully, I was not.

12. APPLE JUICE - If it wasn't for this fine beverage, my 3yo's life would be void of all beverage pleasure.

13. SIPPY CUPS - from keeping my 3yo's apple juice addiction from spilling all over the furniture / car / carpet / everywhere. I think I may require their use until he turns 16.

14. RE-USABLE BAGS - I'm never one to brag about being ahead of the game, but I was using re-usable bags long before it was cool. Only 2 short years ago, bringing your own bags into the grocery store immediately alerted security.

15. ZIP-LOC BAGS - Just so you know I'm not all the GREEN, I love me some zip-loc bags. I consume more than my share - so thank you if you've sworn off them. I am using your allotment and mine.

16. PAPER TOWELS - Ditto. My husband even built me a shelf in the laundry room so I can stack all the paper towels I feel I must keep on hand in case the world ends in 2010.

17. LITTLE BOYS IN FOOTIE PJ'S - or as they are known in our house... pj's wiff da feet built in. *swoon*

18. COMCAST ON DEMAND - for those
rare times when my patience is zilch and I need someone else to entertain the kid(s) for
hours on end a little while.

19. VACUUMS - I own more than one. Exact number is a secret or you may shun me forever. I love to vacuum.

20. HAIR DRYERS AND FLAT IRONS - Didn't someone famous like Coco Chanel say "If your hair doesn't look good, you don't look good"? Or maybe that was the guy that owns Paul Mitchell hair products. Whoever it was... I wholeheartedly agree.

21. "THE CARS GREATEST HITS" CD - Been listening to it for over a month now. Takes me back to high school. And the greatest part about that is not actually having to be back in high school.

22. CONVERSATIONS FROM THE BACK SEAT - What did I ever do before I had 3yo logic and attitude to make my life complete.

23. DIET DR. PEPPER - One day last week a client came in and saw me taking a sip and said "You drink that stuff this early in the morning? That stuff will kill 'ya." At least I'll die happy.
And mind your own business, mister. Like you don't have any unhealthy habits.

24. GOOD MANNERS - The 4,987,309 times I've said Remember your manners! finally seem to be paying off. The 3yo has begun to routinely say "Yes ma'am" and "No sir" and "please", and "thank you". And it's a good reminder for the momma, too.

25. CHILLY MORNINGS - There's something about a little nip in the air that reminds me of my beloved Midwest.

26. DESIGN PROJECTS - Not only are they my bread n' butter, they also bring me great joy and satisfaction. Fabrics and accessories and furnishings....oh my!

27. COWBOY BOOTS - My favorite cold weather footwear. Yee-haw!

28. HAND-MADE RAINBOWS - At the moment, my toddler's favorite thing to draw. Each one is beautiful and my refrigerator is thankful, too.

29. HUDSON JEANS - My new favorite.

30. JESUS' BIRTH - The real reason for the upcoming Season. And the candy canes, santas, wreaths and pretty ribbon are really fun, too.


Momma Roar :

A great list!! I love reading all the cuteness that comes out of that little boy!!!

Is he ready for his big day? My daughter certainly is!! ;-)

Miss Jody :

You know, this is a great list :)

I really thought of what I'm Thankful for's everything! So hard to narrow it down! I love your list though :)

Henley on the Horn :

I love your list!!! thank you for putting a smile on my face.

Justabeachkat :

Great list Jill.

BUT...I think I'm the queen of paper towels. No kidding.


♥Mimi♥ :

Well, you're one day up on me! I've been doing it day by day and I still have Monday to go!

Just stopping by with my Sunday wishes! I count meeting you in blogland as one of my newest and best blessings!

Tonja :

I loved your list! And kudos to you for insisting on Yes, Mam and No, Mam and sir. Good manners is dying out here in the South, and it makes me so sad. When my boys were young, I would have people ask me, "How do you get them to say Yes, Sir and No Sir"? Excuse me, I am the mother. They don't have a choice. If you insist on it, they will learn it is important. Good manners will open many doors that nothing else will!

Mrs. Fabulous :

Awesome list!

I, too, LOVE "pj's wiff da feet built in" on my toddler.

Nadine :

You have many things to be thankful for and I loved reading your list.

BTW - Your blog friends love you and enjoy sharing your life and witty posts.

Wacie's Way :

Really great list! I look forward to reading your blog in 2010!

melissa :

Great 'thankful' list, Jill! I see you have found Hudson jeans - my favorite too. I have 3 pairs now :)

Jill :

You knew I had to ask this question...what kind of cowboy boots do you have?

P.S. LOVE the family photo. He's his momma's boy, that's for sure!

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