Sunday Shopping at HomeGoods


I made my usual Sunday rounds at HomeGoods today and thought I'd show you my goodies. This time I shopped both for myself and a design project I am working on for someone else. I'll show you my haul today, and later this week I'll show you how I shop for a specific project.

Last month I found these great Halloween cling stickers and purchased a pack that included *BOO*,which I used on the side window at my front door...

and *WICKED* which I used on a wall in my foyer that includes a black and white theme year-round. I've been joking with people that this is the wall my husband always decorates for Halloween and this year he dedicated it to me -
ha! ha!cackle! cackle!

So today when I was rooting around in the paper goods section, I came across these great clings for the Christmas holidays and snatched them up. At $5.99 for the pack (there are two different sets in each) they are a great value for sticking on walls, windows and even mirrors.

And these can even be used after the holidays throughout the winter.

I also picked up a packet of letters and came right home and "monogrammed" a plate in my powder room.

I also found this very versatile two-tiered round iron basket perfect for setting on a kitchen island, buffet or wine bar. Fill with goodies or pretty ornaments for a holiday party... or with things for a coffee, wine or relaxation theme for a hostess gift.

I'm a sucker for little glass animals ... look at this handsome turtle. I love that he looks like he's on his way somewhere.

If you're a HomeGoods Scout like me, make sure you browse the bed + bath section really well. I've found all of my favorite little porcelain "fill-ins" scattered among the soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Found this one today - robins egg blue with brown designs. You can't see the colors very well but trust me - it's fab*u*lous.

I've had this little trio of white/royal blue for a couple years. They rotate different places in my house and are currently on a little side chest in a corner of my keeping room. Each was priced $4.99 - $7.99.

Beautiful scarf with luscious large pink roses - $7.99.

And my greatest find of the day. I've been struggling with stacked plastic drawers in my small walk-in closet to hold my workout clothes and lounge pants that won't fit in my dresser drawers. They were functional, but also tipsy, and the drawers didn't work great. I found this marked down to $75 because a leg had broken off and was hastily glued back on. It's not noticeable from the front and I knew it would fit the space in my closet perfectly.

All my homeless clothes will easily stack here and I can add some baskets to fill with tights, scarves, small wallets, and belts.

That's the end of my shopping adventure. Thanks for coming along. And just think - you didn't even have to push the cart, maneuver all the crowds, stand in line or pay!


Susan :

Lots of lovely items.

Henley on the Horn :

you have quite an eye! I love all of your new finds.

Mom on the Run :

Love a treasure chest and you never know what you'll find!

Tonja :

I'm sure it is a 'God thing' that I do not live near Homegoods! There is 200 miles between me and the nearest one! Cause if I did, I could not be trusted to stay away. I would have to visit often. I know the one is B'ham is full of things meant for ME...and someone else is taking them home!
Breaks my heart!

Carrie :

So glad I am not the only one who needs a Homegoods fix every now and then! Thank goodness there is not one in my neighborhood. I would be in some kind of trouble!

Jill :

Oh... I LOVE Home Goods. I haven't been in a while. Based on your great finds, I need to go soon! Love the monogrammed plate, great idea.

Cookie Crums :

WOW! You found some great things. My fav is the closet addition!

MissJody :

You found some great finds Missy!!!!
I love the last item...I {{heart}} cabnets and all sorts of dressers and stuff! Love it!
Your a great shopper....I wanna see what your awesome house looks like?!!
I bet it would blow me away!!

Pink in a sea of blue :

I love Homegoods! Sure wish I had known about those "monogram" letters! I wanted to monogram a pumpkin. Did you happen to see any square, black chargers? Ha! That's what my mom wants for Christmas so I'm on a quest to find them.

Nadine :

Great items. You are quite the shopper. All of those were are a great price. I love finds like that. The closet cabinet was especially lovely.

Kristin :

I just LOVE how you monogrammed that plate. So pretty!

Leah in Iowa :

Never heard of Home Goods. So is life in Iowa. =(

debra :

Great finds! I love the cling ons- those are so much more sophisticated than the one's I have seen.

The Pink Chick :

What great finds! I need to get to Homegoods ASAP!!!

Wacie's Way :

Hubby and I hit our brand new HomeGoods Friday night (yep, that was our Friday night date!!). We had dinner first and I limited myself to one drink - didn't want to get too loopy and then spend a buttload of money. Anyway, I LOVE that store!! $71 later, we got alot of really cool stuff. I asked the cashier what days did their shipment come in, but she wasn't sure. Somehow I'm going to have to work this into my weekly routine!!

Heidi :

I haven't been to HomeGoods in SO long. You've inspired me to go soon!

Beyond by Maureen :

Homegoods is the greatest! You're making me want to runn there today!

Kelly :

I hadn't even thought of looking in the bath section! Great idea!

Kat :

Sure wish I had a Homegoods near me, but I'm quite sure George is wishing we never get one. LOL

Great finds!


Jillian :

Wow! You did great! You should come here and redesign my whole house. Really.

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