Conversations from the Backseat #4944


Mom, why was Ms. M talkin' to you about dose fruit snacks I had in my backpack.

Well, she was telling me that they seemed to be a bit of a distraction all day today because you kept asking and asking if you could eat them and she said you told her you wanted to carry your backpack around the classroom today because they were in there.

I didn't do dat.

She also told me that it caused problems with all the other kids wanting fruit snacks and wondering if you had enough for everyone.

I told all of dem dat I only had one package and to not be touchin' my stuff.

Well, I am really disappointed because we talked about this exact thing last night when I agreed to let you take the fruit snacks.  You promised me you would leave them alone and we had a long discussion about saving them for after school when I picked you up.

But I was just makin' sure dey were still in dere.  I was just checkin'.   All dose kids are always messin' wiff my stuff.

OK, but remember you and I talked about all of those things and you took responsibility to leave them alone in your backpack until after school.  And you didn't do what you said you were going to do.

But I didn't make a big deal out of my new 'Credible Hulk dat I brought for show and tell.  Dat was in da same pocket in my backpack as da fruit snacks and I did NOT get it out and start showin' it ta everyone.

That is great about Hulk.  That is exactly what you are supposed to do.  Just leave it in the pocket. 

'Cause my show and tell day is not until Thursday.  So dat's why I left it in da pocket.  And I also have sports camp on Thursday.

That's right.  Now, back to the fruit snacks.  At first I thought about not letting you take them anymore because of what happened today, but I know that we've talked enough about it again so you can take another pack for tomorrow after school.  And I will count on you to take responsibility to do what you know you're supposed to do.

{dead silence}

Ok?  Do you promise me you will leave them alone until after school?  I don't want any more bad reports from Ms. M. about the fruit snacks.

Mom.  You know how we're not supposed to say b*tt or shut up 'cause dose are bad, bad words?

Yes.  I do know that.

We're also not supposed to say responsibility.  Dat's a really bad word.  So never, ever say dat to me again.


Unknown :

OMG - we really need to get our two boys together! The things they come up with!

"Cookie" :

I'm with that smart little guy.... don't say responsibility to me ever again I'll be good to go! LOL

Leah :

That's part of what I miss about having little kids around. The things they say are so precious!I'm glad mine are grown up, but I do miss "certain" things. Hope he does better today. =)

Miss Jody :


what a muffin-face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love him! He just tells you like it is, huh?! He is soooo stinkin' adorable!!!

GratefulTwinMom :

So funny. Like that little bite inside your cheek that you just gotta touch with your tongue to make sure it still hurts. Yup. Still there. Glad the fruit snacks were still there. Just checking.

adrienne :

and don't you forget dat!

Mom of One and Another on the Way :

Ha! Our three year old thinks responsiblity is a bad word too. And he tells us that it is not our problem. :) Too funny!

Susan :

Too funny. I'm glad your writing these down to share with him "someday"!

bevy :

I have so missed your backseat conversations! They are too much! Responsibility is a bad word. I agree! LOL

Under this Umbrella :

So, Mini #1 and your little man are totally BFF already. I am almost afraid of what they would do and say together.

That is just priceless. I can't wait for 15 years down the road for him to read these "Conversations from the Backseat."

I hope the fruit snack issue has been resolved and all of his friends love his 'Credible Hulk tomorrow when it is his day!

The Pink Chick :

This is hilarious!! Oh the things that children will come up with! He is so smart and creative!

Katy :

Darling story!

Hey, haven't visited in a while and I love the logo you'll have for your new business. Simply fab! Also, really like your living area shown in the picture..nice colors and decor. You rock.

Justabeachkat :

Just catching up with you tonight. He is adorable in those snow photos and he's always cute with his conversations from the backseat.

Hugs from Beachkat!

Caffeine Court :

Dat's funny! What a character!

Melissa :

So funny! How can you stand his cuteness?

Jo :

Too darn cute! I have trouble keeping a straight face with my students when their cutness starts to creep out!


Kelly :

haha! This is one of my favorite parts of your blog--"conversations from the backseat". This kid sounds like such a stinker! In a precious way of course.

Lisa Smith :

you're too cute. i'll be back =)

Belle (from Life of a...) :

Hate to tell you this, but we still have those conversations with Lorelai and she'll be 20 in July. Responsibility was a BAD word to her this week when she parked her car where it should not have been parked (because it was cold outside) and almost got towed!

Tina Leigh :

Get that boy out of that school!! He doesnt need them....he is already smarter than the teacher....and me!!! I hope you are very careful when you are driving.....I would have tears in my eyes & a wet seat!!!!


That sounds an awful lot like the conversations from my backseat! :)

Unknown :

I think responsiblity is a bad word too.

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