Conversations from the Backseat #4945


So Adam, I saw on your daily sheet that you were the morning leader.  What do you do when you are the morning leader?

Ms. N asks me to look on da calendar and tell her what day it is.  Den I lead everyone to say da Pledge Da Legence.

And so tell me what day it is.

Friday, Jan-ru-ary twenty second , two fousand and ten.

Very good!

But when Ms. N writes out two founsand and ten it is like twenty and ten.  A two and den a zero and den a one and den another zero all together in a row.

Yep.  And some people say "Two Thousand and Ten" for the year like you do.  And some people say "Twenty Ten" for the year.

Well, I fink dey should be sayin' "firty" for the year 'cause it's weally twenty plus ten. 

Well, buddy, that's really good math but you don't add the numbers when you're talking about the year. 

Why not?

Well, you just don't.

Just because?

I guess, yes.  Just because.

Was dat a weally good question, Mom?

Yes, buddy it was.  I don't really know how to explain the numbering of the years in the short drive time we have left.

Hey Mom.  Next time when I ask a weally good question and you don't know what 'ta say, instead of sayin' "just because" you should say "Dat's just how God made it." 

I guess you're right, buddy.  That is usually a better answer.

'Cause da year cannot help dat it's all messed up and cannot do da math.  Dat's just how God made it.  And God just isn't very good at math I guess.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment :

Aw, well I can't disagree with "dat's how God made it!"

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

God just isn't very good at math...I am laughing so hard! Priceless!

Tonja :

I am so, so glad that you have a record of these priceless conversations. You think you won't forget them...ever...but, sad to say, you will! It will make you so happy when you are my age to be able to look back and remember some of the things that he said.

Not, that I've EVER forgotten anything mine said...

Justabeachkat :

I want to ride with you and Adam some place...any place...just to hear his thoughts on life.


Kim :

Don't you wonder what the heck you did for entertainment before you had him? Talk radio? Pfffft.

Sandra :

This is too cute!! So funny. Good job writing these down, because, trust me, you do forget - even when you think you won't . . . xoxo

Gracie Beth :

He seems like he is very bright I love how he thinks the year should be 30!

bevy :

My favorite saying when my boys were young was: "Those are just the rules. That's what 'they' said." Who are they? I have no idea. But it worked!

And I bet God is pretty good at math too! LOL

adrienne :

I must have the mind of a 4 year old because I always give that reason to my kids when they ask something I don't know...God made it that way. You'll have to ask him why when you get to heaven some day!

Just Mom :


Tina Leigh :

I still say take that boy out of school!!! He is smarter than most grown adults!!!!!!!

Henley on the Horn :

Oh, I want to kiss him! Precious

phillips phamily :

I love DAT!

Beyond by Maureen :

Beyond precious!

Pink in a sea of blue :

So funny. So true. Dat's just the way God made it. All about faith and trust. :)

Katy :

Oh, I just love that conversation! He is such a little smarty pants that boy. Love how he always says, "dat". Too cute!

Miss Jillian, you'd be so proud of what I've accomplished in my house. You were such a help with color choices, I cannot thank you enough. I've started on one of my bathrooms already (I even posted about it) and cannot wait to see the end result.
Hope you are all doing wonderfully!


Nishant :

so happy when you are my age to be able to look back and remember some of the things that he said.

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