Gap Patch Jeans for Early Spring 2010


So, I ventured into The Gap a couple weeks ago just to see what might be coming out for Early Spring 2010 and ran across a few things I absolutely, positively couldn't live without. 

Shocking, I know!

I've heard a lot of so-so reviews of the camp / camo / khaki / utility theme that's so popular for Spring.  I happen to really like the majority of the things I've seen, though I will never ever wear camoflage or the run-of-the-mill traditional khaki pants. 

My favorite recent purchase has been the Gap patch jeans.  I wore them all weekend - Saturday with a long cardigan and Sunday with my peace sign shirt from Target.

While I love the patches and the distressed look of the jeans, it confuses the heck out of my 4yo- ha!.  He can't figure out why I am wearing jeans in such bad condition.  When I put them on yesterday morning he said, Mom you juss need ta frow dose old jeans away and wear some dat aren't so bad lookin'. 

Patches, patches everywhere. 

Sunday I rolled them up and wore black patent heels with black trouser socks.

And topped it off with black/rhinestone necklace from JCrew
and a long pearl chain necklace from Stella + Dot - which is, by the way, my favorite and most versatile necklace.  I wear it from casual to dressy 3-4 times a week.

Anybody else a fan of the early Spring styles so far?

**ETA - before y'all think I am 7 feet tall since my head is nearly as tall as the door in these photos, I finally found a way to photograph outfits that seems to work.  I stand on a little step stool in our powder room and snap away.  I'm tall - but not THAT tall.  ha!


Unknown :

First of all - you look so skinny!!! Love that shirt and the jeans - and the whole way you put them together! So cute what your son said! I'm not loving the paint-speckled pants - that's one thing I don't really like so far...

Miss Jody :

You look great!

You can wear that...
I'm short and odd shaped!

Your a hot-mamma so you can wear anything!**lucky**

The jeans look great on you**

Tonja :

Oh, my friend...your old 5 foot 1 inch friend from AL is soooooo envious! You look terrific! I know I couldn't carry off those patched jeans, but on you...they look great! Tell Adam those patches are 'fashion' patches...the good kind!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin :

I totally have that J Crew necklace. Love it!

Ms. Mayhem :

You know I love you, so I am going to call you "a brat" making those jeans look so fabulous.

bevy :

OK... I am completely jealous.

HeidiG :

These jeans look great on you. i don't know if I could pull them off - but love them on you!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Cute! Is that a peace love mom tee? Those are awesome.

Caffeine Court :

I think I mentioned that I purchased a pair of boyfriend jeans in the fall. They are sooo cute, but they have holes in them, so I might have to wait awhile before I wear them again.

That peace sign shirt is adorable, I've been trying to curtail my spending recently, but I might just have to cruise on over to Target and pick up one for moi!

The 5 Bickies :

You are so cute! Yes, the jeans are cute but you know how to wear the jeans, what to pair them with and how to put it all together with accessories! Love it!

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