TJMaxx / HomeGoods Head to Toe


In case you didn't already know about my love for TJMaxx/HomeGoods - let me tell you.... it's my home away from home! 

I stop in once a week or so just to see what's new.  My local store gets shipments on Thursdays but I usually don't get to peruse until the weekend.  This time of year is sort of a so-so / inbetween time but I did score a great sweater by Theory a couple weeks ago, ON CLEARANCE!

I've been a fan of Theory clothing for a long time but it's sold at high-end department stores and it's just too expensive to buy at full retail.  I especially love their cardigans and outerwear for the longer torso and arm length, as well as the slimmer cut armholes. 

I wore my new Theory sweater last weekend, and as I was snapping pictures for this blog post I realized almost everything else I was wearing was also from TJMaxx! 

Theory short-sleeved button front cardigan - Retail $335. $79.99 at TJMaxx with an additional 50% off, making it $40.  That's about 85% off retail.

Joe's Jeans - Normally around $150 retail.  About 50% off retail at TJMaxx

Guess brand long-sleeve tshirt - $14.99

My silver necklace is by Judith Ripka for QVC, but I got the lemon quartz clip-on at TJMaxx.  Her QVC line is very reasonably priced and great quality.  The black beaded necklace was made by my mom!

And finally, another great TJMaxx Judith Ripka find - a huge, blingy lemon quartz ring!
Bracelets also from TJMaxx but I don't recall the brand.

Happy shopping! 


Miss Jody :

Very nice Hot mamma!

You look marvelous!!

I heart TJ Maxx :)

Unknown :

I LOVE this outfit! I love strolling through TJ MAXX or Marshall's, I always find something. And it is my favorite place to shop for gifts because they literally have something for everyone.
HA! Just looked down, and I am wearing a Life is Good white tank with a pink heart on it from there! I am going to need to stop in more regularly pretty soon here to start scouting for my spring Lilly dresses!

Pink in a sea of blue :

TJ Maxx/ Home Goods is my home away from home, too! I am so happy they've started carrying Theory! Realized this last week. I got the cutest black short sleeve blouse.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Girl I heart TJ Maxx/Home Goods. There is one right by my office (yikes). There is a TJ Maxx close to my home. I probably buy at least half my clothes there!

Love your outfit. You always are stylish! And it just shows that you don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. :)

Holly :

You look AMAZING in all your trendy, affordably priced TJ MAXX glory.

I love that place too. A little too much sometimes.

Now I feel a TJ MAXX shopping emergency coming on.

Susan :

You look great!

Sandra :

Looks darling!! xoxo

Henley on the Horn :

What great finds!!!!

The Pink Chick :

You are too cute! I love your outfit!!!

bevy :

I want YOUR TJ Maxx! Ours is very poor... :(

The 5 Bickies :

I always LOVE your look adorable! And the bling...oolala!

Justabeachkat :

Love it all!


Unknown :

Why is it that I NEVER find a thing at TJ Maxx? Joe's jeans? Theory? I'm so jealous.

Shannon :

You are a girl after my own heart, as I love TJ Maxx as well! It's like a treasure hunt every time you go, you never know what you'll find. Oh and you look super cute!

Shannon :
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adrienne :

Love the outfit. Casual chic. I have a question for you--I just bought these little cowboy minis I call them. What to wear with them??
Thanks for your thoughts on that one. You're slightly (ahem) more stylish than I am!!

Unknown :

Love your TJ Maxx's find! I love that store!
I just discovered your blog and really like it!

Miss Jody :

Hi sweet-blogger-buddy-friend of mine :)

I left you something over on my Blog :)

Erin J-K :

I LOVE that store!!!

Caffeine Court :

I LOVE checking out TJ Maxx and Marshall's! I could spend HOURS there and I always run into at least one of my friends when I go. That sweater is adorable!

melissa :

I swear these same stores down here in Florida do not get the good stuff! I rarely find anything as far as clothes and accessories :(. One time a year or so ago, I did score 4 pairs of fabulous JCrew shoes Yay me!
Cute outfit and jewelry!!

Jill :

Adrienne- Sorry for the late comment back to you. LOVE those boots! I think they'd look great right now with almost any kind of casual skirt or dress along with tights. I, personally, don't do the bare leg thing but if you do....go for it when the weather gets warmer with a sundress!

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