Conversations from the Back Seat #4946


Mom. today I told N's mom dat she has hair like a man.

Oh lord have mercy I will now run into her at school every single day for the rest of my life and there will be no rock under which to crawl.  And.....what did N's mom say when you said that about her hair?

She said did I say dat because it is short hair.  And I said to her I say dat because her hair is short and also because her hair has dark hair and grey hair like dad's.  And dad is a man so dat is why I tell her she has hair like a man.

{speechless mother}!!!
{speechless mother}!!!

But, Mom.  I did not tell her she makes me gag.  Like you sometimes make me gag.

And why do I sometimes make you gag.

Juss sometimes when I see you I cough and then I gag.  But only mostly in the mornings before I've had my juice.

Yeah, mornings can be tough. 

Yeah.  And so can night time when I have to lay dere in my bed 'cause dad says do not get up and keep your eyes closed Adam.

Personally I love it when I finally get to go to bed.

Well, I do not.  And I weally, weally wish I could juss sleep in your bed at night time so I could snuggle wiff you.

I wouldn't make you gag then?

Not if you kept your eyes closed.

I love you son.

I love you too Mom.  You're the best.



Erin J-K :

What a character! I think he and Ben would get along really well. :-)

Suburban Princess :

LOL I love these cheeky little boys!

Kelly :

haha! I don't have kids yet, so sometimes I think, she HAS to be making this up! It's too funny to actually come out of a kid's mouth! But then I remember my days of teaching pre-k kids, and I fully believe it. :-)

Hillcrest Acres :

How funny! He sounds like such a cutie.

Tonja :

You are being so wise to talk to him as you do now. He taalks.You listen. And it sounds as if you don't get ruffled too easily.

The days will come, my dear, when you have to pull every sentence out of him. But, even then, it is so wise to let him talk and sy what he wants to say without fear of punishment.

The Blushing Hostess :

Fabulous. Video this, you will want to replay the sound of that voice in years to come!

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar :

LOVE THIS! And feel lucky because this is the first blog entry I've read on ANY blogs for at least 9 months. Your Facebook led me here.

bevysblog :

Isn't it amazing what comes out of their mouths? And you know that it doesn't get any better!!! LOL

Pink in a sea of blue :

Little boys are so funny and truthful aren't they? My youngest hates when I wear a ponytail. Won't talk to me unless I take it down. Crazy kids!

Kat :

Love these conversations...too cute.


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