A Pretty Spring Coat {And a Blast from the Past}


I'm a sucker for a great fitted longer-style coat. Here in Atlanta our "coat wearing season" isn't very lengthy if you're talking about actual really cold weather. But from late October through April it's nice to have a little wrap to take the chill off.

This is one of my very favorite jackets. I bought it right after I had Adam because Spring was coming and I just needed a pick-me-up. I distinctly remember seeing it hanging in the store and loved it immediately but there was also something *very familiar* about the coat that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was if I'd seen those beautiful butterflies somewhere before.

And then one day it all came together.  I was flipping through some old photo albums and saw this family picture from 1972.  We were on summer vacation at my Grandma's house in Nebraska. 

My stylish mom had a butterfly tunic in almost the exact same print as my coat!  She seems way more dressed up than the rest of us, wouldn't you say?  ha!  But then again, it's not hard to dress above polyester shorts and "Army jackets" and a smiley face t-shirt.... or lady bug shorts and a red muscle shirt.  Who would know the little tomboy that I appear to be here would actually grow up to like dresses?

I do have to say my oldest brother (who was a high school junior here) was pretty darn cute.  He is 13 years older than me so I was always just a little bit in awe of him, especially when I was this young.

You can tell the kids in the family were all *thrilled*. I was probably thinking, Thank the good Lord I am no longer cooped up in the back seat of that red 1967 Chevy Impala with my two older brothers and that wild pattern on the car seats that makes me woozie.

We made the 8+ hour drive from Iowa to Nebraska every summer and let's just say the scenery wasn't all that exciting.... though I was totally convinced the minute we crossed the Nebraska line we were in danger of being ambused by Indians.  We were, after all, traveling west...as in Wild Wild West. 

And back in those days we did not go through the McDonald's drive-thru for lunch.  Instead, we pulled over at a rest stop along the interstate and ate the lunch my mom packed for us.  It always included lunch meat sandwiches with western dressing, instead of mustard.  {See...there's that west thing again}.  So, when you consider my general dislike for lunch meat + riding in the car with two older brothers + no air conditioning + car sickness + expecting to get ambushed by Indians at any moment.... you can see why I looked a little worse for the wear during the photo op.

But my mom and dad - cool and collected.  Daddy's shirt is pressed and tucked in. He's wearing dress slacks.  Mom's sporting her accessories and white slacks in addition to her cool tunic. 

But I can bet one thing's for sure.  They are both probably thinking, When is happy hour? 


Sandra :

I love your coat! And this post is great. My girlfriends and I talk about traveling when we were growing up with a cooler of food. The wonder is that we never got food poisoning! haha. xoxo

Anonymous :

Love the coat!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* :

We had a blue '67 Chevy Impala. It seems huge to me then and we went from CA to NY a number of times in it. I too had an older brother who shared the back seat with me and he hated my high pitched singing. Funny, the things you reminded me of. :) BTW, great coat!

Suburban Princess :

What a gorgeous coat!!!

Tonja :

It's strange, isn't it, that when we look at an old picture of a family outing...we can make a whole story out of it. We remember the sights, the smells, what we ate, how we felt. Ah! the power of memory!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Love the coat!! I need a cute spring trench coat. No really. I DO. ;) My mom found one at Target in a fun green.

I remember road trips where we actually did not have car seats (gasp) or hand held video games (double gasp) or the modern parenting sanity saver...the dual screen car DVD player!!!!!!! :)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

p.s. this is totally random (much like 99 percent of what I "say" on the Internet...but I love your wall color...you will have to tell us what it is!) :)

kelly :

OMG, Adam could be your little bookend!!!!

Love the coat, too!

hillary and kyle :
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Anonymous :

what's with the crossed arms? :)

i love the coat.

bevy :

How funny is that you have the exact same pattern!!!

kanishk :

Love the coat!
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Laura :

I actually love the butterfly coat! so funny about your mom

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