Pretty Spring Dresses {Or...What I Do When I Should Be Cooking Dinner}


Truth be told, I'm a cold weather clothing girl. I love jeans, sweaters, tights, layers and coats. But, as things like this go, even cold weather eventually blossoms into warm and all fashionistas must shed the layers, bare the legs and pull out the pretty spring dresses.

So, I've been doing a little Spring Shopping and I thought I'd share some of my finds with you.

First up, I spotted this pretty sheath and cardigan in the Talbot's catalog and decided I'd try it on in the store to see how it looked. I love sheath dresses. They are nipped and tucked in all the right places for my body type and the color of this dress is so pretty.

I'm not much of a floral/flower person but I do love the cardigan, too.  I got a size L because I usually need the length, but I think I'll go back and exchange it for a M.  And, you probably can't tell from this poor quality photo, but my belt is a light tan and I think a patent fuschia would be much prettier.  Dress is size 6 and runs very true to size.  Fully lined.

And here's a slightly more dressed down version with a denim jacket I've had for years and wear to death.

I didn't accessorize any of the other outfits in this post except this one, because immediately when I put on the denim with the dress I thought pearls would look great. 

Next up:  Dresses from Boden

This is the Pretty Cotton Dress in black/white.  New this Spring with Boden is US Sizing (as opposed to Euro sizing) but when I got the actual dress, it lists the US size along with the Euro size on the tag so I'm not sure if they've adjusted the actual fit to correspond with US proportions. 

One thing I love about Boden is their tall sizes because I am long waisted and need the extra length.  I ordered a size 6 Tall and it seems to be just slightly smaller in the shoulder/chest area than traditional US size 6. But, on the flip side the length is great and the fit through the hips is wonderful.

Again, I didn't do any accessorizing, but I felt this dresses needed a little something more.  Here I added a black JCrew ruffle cardigan and it helped.  I'm not a black/red/white fan but imagine this paired with a pretty chunky necklace in coral or even turquoise.  And of course, the sky's the limit as to the color of cardigan you could use to spice this up. 

Next, the Amalfi Dress in brown/white.

I love this dress!  The skirting is A-line style, loose and flowy, so it will be perfect for the dog days of summer.  It's fully lined yet not heavy.  Again, this is a 6 Tall.  I'll wear it with turquoise accessories.  Yellow would be so pretty, too.

Finally, Boden's Fun Dress in blue/green.

*swoon*  This is a dress that will stand out in a crowd for it's cool factor.  The fabric has just a slight sheen and the white embellishments act as the accessories and give the dress a great weight.  Size 6 Tall. 

So, yes, this is what I did after work when I should have been cooking dinner and doing laundry. 

Red hot smokin' husband had my boyfriend outside playing basketball and when he came in I said, Hey honey, how do you like my new dress?

And he said, Come here and let me check it out.

And I said, My pleasure, red hot smokin' husband.

And then he told me it was time for happy hour.
Which did make me very happy.
I mean, who can resist a cocktail with a red hot smokin' husband in a cool spring checked shirt?

Not me!
Just goes to show, good things happen when a girl puts on a dress.

In my glass:  {Liberty Syrah - Central Coast - 2007}


Unknown :

Oooh, I love the last's perfect for Spring!

Mrs. Fabulous :

I loved this post! So fun to see the dress in the catalog picture and then on you! You are stunning, as always :)

And now, excuse me while I go shop for dresses online!

Suburban Princess :

Ooooo! I saw the pink one in the Talbots catologue too! It is TDF!!

Becky K. :

Cute post!

I love the pink and the denim!!!

Becky K.

Unknown :

Oh I love them all! Thanks for taking us into your fitting room! SO CUTE! I don't even have a favorite, I love them all! Now you are making me crave a glass!

Shannon :

My fav is the Boden fun dress in blue and green! So cute! Your mini spree has inspired me to go shopping!

Melissa :


Unknown :

I've been waiting to see that last one on you - it looks fabulous!!! Of course, you look great in all of those outfits and I love how you paired the jean jacket with the Tablot dress! I am so going to go order the last one right now for Easter and hope it gets here in time!!!! Of course, if it's available anymore! Love your style! ;-)

Katy :

I like all of your purchases, esp. the blue and green Boden dress....LOVE IT!!! lookin GREAT girl

Unknown :

Great picks Jill! I think my favorite one is the brown and white Amalfi, though. They are all goregous!

Have a beautiful weekend sweetie!

Unknown :

Hello, new here and in love with your crazy fun blog! Right down to that cool dress, your boyfriend (gotta an almost 4 yr old one of my own), your whacky margarita outfits...ALL.OF.IT.
xx So glad I popped by!!!

Mrs Anne :

yay for the fashion show! i loved it!

the blue/green dress is by far my fav... but the pink one with the denim jacket is so cute (and reminds me of the denim jacket i should be wearing more often!

hope dinner was delish!

Tonja :

Love, love, love all the dresses! And, I love a dress I can wear a summer sweater with!

Of course, denim is great, too!

The Chic Chauffeur :

Oh my gosh! I love that pink sheath, and I really really love the dress from Boden! You look great!

kanishk :

So fun to see the dress in the catalog picture and then on you! You are stunning,
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Caffeine Court :

You have the best clothes, and you look so cute in all of them!!

melissa :

Just getting caught up here on your blog. I'm so behind in blog reading with my busy month of March.
Love all your spring dresses ... I haven't shopped at Talbots in years, may have to give it a try again! Darling dresses!!

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