{Friday Favorites}: Free People


Well, my blogging re-entry has not been stellar.  Honestly, I'm not really feelin' it, plus there was the 2,000+ Asian spam comments clogging up my inbox in a matter of minutes a couple weeks ago.  Anywho, I do get the blogging urge every once in awhile so I thought I'd share something superficial and fashionable today.

My A/C bill dipped below $250 this month, which must mean fall is peeking around the corner here in Georgia!  Though I won't be busting out my sweaters for another couple of months, I have been purchasing a few things for my fall weekend wardrobe.  

I spend the majority of my waking hours every weekday dressed in heels, skirts, dresses, pearls, and all manner of conservative office attire.  However, I am a bit of a boho chic at heart.  Give me a pair of flare jeans, a well-cut tshirt or poncho, a pair of cowboy boots, some simple hoop earrings, and a sterling silver cuff bracelet and I'm golden.

There's no better place to get some boho than Free People. My love of FP clothing began about 5 years ago when I stumbled upon this crop shirt for $9 at Bloomies.   At the time I bought it because I liked it, and only later did I learn about the Brand .

My love of crops continues all these years later.  They are perfect for layering over a longer skinny tee or cami and then topping off with a jacket or cardigan.  This one would look great under a dark brown leather jacket, too.

I'm almost 5'10" so I love that most of Free People's pants are long enough for me right off the rack.  {They do also carry short lengths for those who do not tower above their peers.}  
Tunic and jeans {Free People}  
Boots {Old Gringo}  
Watch {Michael Kors}  
Earrings {Stella and Dot)  
Photo by the fabulous Paige.

Their five-pocket skinny flares are my favorite jeans, hands down.  Again, because I am tall, I'll pay some dollars for a good-fitting pair of jeans. I own Hudson, Joe's, Paige, and Sevens and they are all good in certain styles and for certain occasions.  But, for $78, these jeans take the trophy for most likely to succeed. 

For a little something different this fall I got these Devil Knit Pants.  Again, perfect with boots and some layers on top, especially denim or chambray.  

This is my favorite purchase this fall.  Perfect color and weight to throw on for a night out and you don't have to add a lot of accessories because the beading accessorizes for you!  {If I was brave (and thin) enough for leather skinnies I'd do cartwheels and a Rockette kick or twenty before I went out on a hot date.  Alas, I'm not and I won't.}  

The Beatnick Tunic is great for all people, places and things.

When I do feel like tucking in a fitted t-shirt I love throwing on a long sweater tunic.  This one has a hood which makes it a little more casual and fun.

And this belt would be a perfect addition---- in fact, it will go with most anything.

 And I couldn't pass up this jacket with it's military buttons + ruffle goodness. 

I'm a cautious member of the dress-as-tunic fan club.  For the most part I think it works best for cooler weather styles when you can wear the dress as a tunic over heavier bottoms like skinny cords or riding pants (don't get me started on leggings worn in public) and boots or booties.  I purchased this one for the rich fall colors and the pockets!  

And finally, because fashion should look good both coming.....

....and going.... 

I added these booties to the fall rotation (along with a pair of stud toe Sam Edelmans).  Suede and leather is so much better than a black leather pump.  

Happy Friday y'all!


Pattie Douglas :

You are very lucky to be tall. I'm not that short but so many of your pics would not be flattering on me at all. Jealous :))

mer@lifeat7000feet :

I was going to say what Pattie just said. I'd give anything for a few more inches...clothes would just fit so much better. :)

LOVE the belt and the booties!

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