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I was talking to someone the other day that had been to one of those **very expensive** **self-improvement** seminars and she was laughing because she said the most valuable thing she got out of it was how much she humored herself when doing the seminar assignment.... "In ten minutes or less write down 50 things you would like people in this room to know about you." I thought that sounded fun, so I'll skip the pricey enrollment fee and the time spent sitting in the chair and throw it out here for the world to read:

1. I am 5'9" and love it.
2. I didn't begin loving it until I was about 25.
3. I am interested in just about anything for a little while.
4. I have a hard time focusing on one thing for very long.
5. I probably would have to be treated for A.D.D. if I were in school today.
6. My favorite class in elementary was reading.
7. In Jr. High it was English with Ms. Crovesier.
8. In High School is was Speech and Drama with Mr. O'Brien.
9. Until he bilked me out of a role in the play my senior year & then I didn't like him any more.
10. My favorite class became World History and Current Events.
11. My favorite flavor is grape.
12. Followed closely by mint-chocolate.
13. My favorite color is black.
14. My best wardrobe color is purplish-blue.
15. I don't own anything in my wardrobe that color.
16. I generally hate talking about politics, but I am political.
17. I am a conservative.
18. I like George Bush.
19. I wish Bill Clinton would **go away**
20. And take Hillary "Hilda-beast" with him.
21. And Jimmy Carter, too.
22. Ronald Reagan was my favorite president.
23. I've been keeping a list of books I've read since 1996.
24. So far the total is 308.
25. The most I've read in one year is 52. The least is 3.
26. I recently changed hairdressers.
27. It's really expensive to stay a natural blonde.
28. I am trying to get back into running.
29. It is very hard.
30. I have run two marathons - Atlanta and Chicago.
31. They seemed hard, too.
32. I like watching TV.
33. I have it on nearly all the time when I am at home.
34. And I'm not afraid to admit it.
35. I've had one broken bone in my life - my right thumb.
36. My left thumb is double-jointed...I can bend it in all kinds of neat ways.
37. I think my son's left thumb is, too, but can't tell for sure yet.
38. I do not like the taste of cilantro.
39. I love salt.
40. I drink several beverages a day.
41. But I rarely finish any of them.
42. I still remember my first dorm room number- 3013.
43. When I was little I wished I had long blonde hair.
44. And was Italian.
45. I have never been fishing.
46. Or camping.
47. And I don't think I want to go fishing or camping.
48. I love making lists of all kinds of things.
49. And I thought this list was pretty easy.
50. It took me 8 min. 47 sec.

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Jennifer (mom of four) :

I liked your list!! I will come back and read more of your blog!! Thanks for visiting me today!! Jennifer

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