Works for Me Wednesday


In an effort to get some more visitors to my blog, I have been visiting lots of other blogs to see what's going on in the bigger BlogWorld. I have found some really neat things, once of which is Works for Me Wednesdays. Everyone can use a helpful hint or two, and WFMW is great. And, feel free to leave a helpful hint here at Party of Five.... we can all use the help!

Here's a WFMW hint from me
With my time more and more limited these days and the holidays right around the corner, I have become quite fond of on-line shopping. I recently joined, which is a great site for discounts, free shipping, and much, much more from over 800 online stores. It's free to sign-up, and right now they are giving $5 cash back bonus bucks to you if you sign up, and to me if you give my email address as a referral ( GO AHEAD! You have nothing to lose and lots of to save when shopping online.

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