First Annual Norwood Family Fall * Fun * Fest *


In keeping with our Family Mission Statement we hosted 50 people at the 1st Annual Norwood Family Fall Fun Fest at our home last Saturday. We were blessed with great weather and a gathering of friends old and new.

Face painting, apple bobbing and pumpkin decorating were the anchors of the event, along with some good food and drink. Adam sampled his first cookie....for about an hour!

The kids got a great lesson in immediacy and urgency. Doug was with Bay at his soccer game, which ran long, and Kendra, Adam and I did errands that took longer than expected. This left us with just over an hour to set up and prepare the lawn and house for the party. For someone who is a self-imposed slave to a schedule at times, this was a bit unsettling, but all turned out well in the end and we hope that everyone had as much fun as we did.

Until next time (enjoying the memories)


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