Me? Rock? Oh...Thanks!


My dear blogging friends, Susan, at Learning for Lifetime and Stacy, aka Vader's Mom nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. It's been ages since someone called me a girl, let alone rockin', so I'm thrilled to have been chosen.

Susan has been a wonderful inspiration to me in so many ways. She's a mom to four boys, writes so well about her journey with the Lord, and her dedication as a teacher comes right from the heart. Thanks, Susan!

Stacy, and her new green & pink camo blog design, are a treat to read. We met last spring through the Ultimate Blog Party. She's been to Disney a gazillon times to my zero times, and she just started Monday's Memories, wherein she will be sharing some of her wonderful photos and personal stories.

The other fun part about being nominated for this award, is nominating five other Rockin' Girls:

1. Kat at Just A Beachkat writes from the heart and lives at the beach. She's beautiful inside and out and I look forward to reading her posts each day. From teaching us how to scramble bacon, to sharing photos of bloggers she's met in-real-life, she's a very Rockin' Girl.

2. Leah at South Breeze Farm lives in my beloved home state of Iowa. We've just recently starting reading each other's blogs and her comments and observations are right on! And, some of the pictures she posts of the Iowa countryside just warm my heart (and make me a little homesick!).

3. Jody at Iowa Geek is another new blogging friend. If you haven't done so, check out her monthly scrapbooking give-away. From raising kids to reading good books, Jody's posts are always interesting.

4. Sonya at Mo Mhile Gra just made it through a week or so of sick kids/hubby and did so with amazing grace and a little humor. Oh yeah, and photo illustrations. I also recently learned about square foot gardens from her. One of my favorite things to read are her Weekend Reflections.

5. Wendy, An Iowa Mom not only has four of the cutest kids you'll ever see, she writes about her adventures in parenting with lots of good, homegrown humor. She's not afraid to confess her love of fast food, a beer, and cheese dip. And, anyone who vacuums her house three or four times a day definitely rocks!

Thanks again... and rock on!


Knit-Wit :

Congratulations on your award! This really is a rockin' site!

Leah in Iowa :


You are just too sweet to nominate me! I don't know what to say except thank you!

OK, be honest ~ was it the affirming comment I made about your husband on your "Mean and Nasty" post that clinched it for me? =)

justabeachkat :

Thanks Jill! What a nice surprise! Me...Rock? Me...a girl?
Sooo funny! Sooo nice! I really appreciate it. I'm gonna work on my list later.


Susan :

Well deserved reward, Jill :o)
Susan :

Congrats. on your award! This is a fun way to meet new friends!

Sandy :

Congratulations and FUN to read.
You do rock, girl!
For Reluctant Entertainers

Tracey Kirksey :

Congrats! Well deserved!

You picked some good to check them out!

Annie :

You do rock!!!

Jody :

Thanks for the kudos. And the linky love! I'll have to put you in the hat TWICE!!!

It'sbeen so long since I was referred to as "Rockin'". I'm kinda giddy!

Nadine :

Congratulations to you! I agree you deserve this award.

Susan :

What a great list...and you totally deserve it.

You're simply the best. I love coming to visit..and I am SO going to figure out what my vacation should be....

:-) Susan

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