What a Difference a Year Makes - Walkin'


June 2006
Pre-walking days...modeling his new summer cap and T-shirt

June 2007
A BIG BOY now! Using the handrail to walk downstairs.
(sticking the tongue out helps with balance)


Vader's Mom :

He is such a little cutie!!

justabeachkat :

Oh, they grow soooooo fast! He's a doll!

Leah in Iowa :

What a precious boy he is! Don't you find yourself in awe sometimes, knowing God trusted you to raise him up? Boggles my mind sometimes!

Susan :

These What a difference posts are cute.

Sonya :

What a cute little man you have there!

Susan :

Awwww...you're right a year makes a TON of difference. Thanks for sharing him with us.


:-) Susan

*carrie* :

What a cutie! I recognize the blue Bumbo seat, as we have the same one--haven't used it much as our little guy pushes himself out of it!

Your "new" kitchen looks fabulous!

Nadine :

Okay, I'm sure he heard this a thousands times before but - he's such a little cutie pie.

Momma Roar :

What a cutie! Aren't the bumbo seats wonderful?

Knit-Wit :

Too cute! And to think - they just get more and more loveable every day!

Jamie :

What a little cutie pie!!

It is so hard to believe how much they grow and how fast!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

He is so cute! I always get super sentimental/weepy every year at birthday time. It's so amazing the difference one year makes!

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