Wordless Wednesday - "Is Left Right?"


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Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Cute! My daugther wears her shoes on the wrong feet. She tells me she likes them that way. :)

Momma Roar :

Cute! Elle is always asking me to check her shoes before she puts them on!

I love WW!

Leigh of :

Or to steal a song lyric....this left feels right.

Leigh of :


Elaine A. :

Yeah, I am no expert but I think those might need to be switched. LOL! Very cute!

Just Mom :

Aw, c'mon ... it's the new style.

Linda :

A daily occurance in our home as well.

Traceytreasure :

My 5 yo daughter was sporting the same shoe fashion TODAY! I'm not kidding. Thanks for stopping by! When I have some more time I'll add you to my favorites! It's been a busy week!

The Things We Carried :

I always love children's feet in pictures! So sweet!

Knit-Wit :

They even look comfortable on the wrong feet!

Lisa @ Take90West :

My son has the same red Crocs...and his are not always on the right feet either!

Tricia :

That is just about the only way our crocs are worn in our house!

Tonja :

I'm sorry, but some things are so far wrong,,,,they just can't ever get right!

We've just had to ban these shoes from our school because of the kids falling , and slipping out of them...and they won;t keep them on their feet!

Mama Kat :

Just wandered into your blog...what is it about kids always putting their shoes on the wrong feet. My daughter does it EVERY time. :)

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