According to My 3-Year Old...


I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but it's an
ambitious creation.

No wonder I'm tired at the end of the day.


Anonymous :

A lovely portrait! He could be the next Picasso!

Kim :

That is so cute. You look lovely in blue.

Nadine :

I think he was trying to capture the inner you. Those types of drawings are priceless.

Susan :

Don't you love the mind of a child?

Susan :

Don't you love the mind of a child?

Tonja :

I really like your hair!

Wacie's Way :

Blue is your color!

Melissa :

He certainly captured the essence of a working mom, didn't he?!

Amber :

WOW! You are PRETTY!!

Susan : sweet! My guys love looking back and looking at their pictures from their childhood. Someday, I'm sure Adam will too!

And, yes, this must explain being so tired.



Tina Leigh :

Was this before you went to the hair dresser or should ask him! Too cute!

melissa :

Too cute - I have a few of very simular pieses of art ;)



Love it! Because a sweet picture like that is how I feel everyday too. So cute!

Just Mom :

Hey! We're twins!

green gables girl :
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tammy :

This just totally cracked me up, Jill...
And it is just low I feel and look in the morning!

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